Hey, are you ok? As fundamental part of the programming languages, the loops allow us repeat a wide range of commands, saving work/time, being an important tool for all programmer. Ruby offers many of them and today we're going to talk about three: loop, while and until. LOOP Pretty basic, loop needs a block and … Continue lendo [ENGLISH VERSION] Loops #1

[ENGLISH VERSION] Practical Guide: Spaceship Operator (<=>)

Hey, how are you?! Represented by <=>, the remarkeble Spaceship Operator works the same way, that his endings: like a comparison opertor, three-way comparison, being a key element in sorting methods. The little spaceship (got it?) counts with three types of comparision, always done from left to right, and can return three values as well: … Continue lendo [ENGLISH VERSION] Practical Guide: Spaceship Operator (<=>)